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Peer Commentary 2

My second round of peer commentary was a lot more positive; I found the value in my comments was the praise given to things my peers had done well. as we were all concluding our digital artefacts, I felt no need to give any suggestion, we were all short on time to make serious changes…

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My Analytical framework

The Sims 4 My analytical framework consists of three key concepts: Simulation, Modification, and Paratext. The concept of simulation is important when we consider the Sims franchise. Besides the obvious example of virtual reality, it is not prominent to see a videogame simulate reality. Obvious examples include Cities Skylines and Truck Simulator; however, the Sims attempts to…

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Participatory Media Culture

The Sims 4 Discrete-Event System Simulation describes simulation as the ‘imitation of the operation of a real-world process’ (Banks 2005, p.4), as this directly relates to The Sims 4. Considering the participation elements of The Sims 4 I considered the analytical framework proposed by Reassens. Reassens explores the difference between “cultural participation and Participatory Culture. It is interesting…

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Hello, I am Oryem Ajok and welcome to my website. This website is an extension of myself, allowing me to communicate my knowledge and experience.

Without limiting my medium, in my work I aim to evoke an emotion out of the audience. I take an ambitious and experimental approach to ideating. However, it is through research my content is born… More

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