Drake: The Media Audience

Ever been in a media audience? What even is a media audience?

Since I study a Bachelor of Communications and Media, I thought I would at least familiarise myself with some the terminology. Unfortunately, I could not find a source that gave me a definitive answer on what a media audience was…

I took to the trusty Oxford dictionary to get a rough idea of what an audience is and what media qualifies as. With these two definitions I simply combined them: A media audience is a group of spectators or listeners involved in any kind of media intended form mass communication.

An example of this is The Get Healthy Information and Coaching Service (GHS) used mass communication as a means of spreading their message. The campaign was effective and increased awareness for GHS dramatically (GHS research in the Link). Being part of a media audience will often sway opinions, adjusting itself to the mood of the crowd. This is also very effective way to advertise.

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A general model of a media audience on CCCS Selected Working Papers, Volume 2, (p. 407 4th paragraph) states, “A generalised model of the media audience where, group affiliation is seen as a filtering or mediating the message to the individual and influencing his understanding of a response to it”. The response represents the behavioural output of a media outlet, it could be positive or negative, whether or not it is used as a deciding factor for political decisions that follow from the message itself.

Recently I had a hat stolen, so in my efforts to replace it I went shopping, where? The Glue Store. As I was in the store Drake’s God’s Plan began to play. Through the corner of my eye, I spotted a guy bobbing his head to this mesmerising beat. At the time all I could do was hold in my laugh as his hat shortly after flew off his head.

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Looking back on that experience I realised that we were both in an audience, a media audience along with everyone else in the store. An audience that could see and share a media experience. This got me thinking how many times we are in a media audience without even realising.

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Television use to be our number one way to spread information, advertise and promote towards a media audience. The evolution of television has meant people now have much more choice about how and what they watch this has made finding a right audience easier, especially for advertising.

So many different emotions can come from being in a media audience. Personally, I feel a sense of connection with the members in my audience; whether it’s me rapidly scrolling through my social media platform, sitting in a large cinema with hundreds of people or hanging out with a group of friends around a speaker.Related image

Comment below about a time when you were in a media audience, how did you feel? Also follow my social media!



One thought on “Drake: The Media Audience

  1. The overall layout of your site made it easy to navigate to your blog posts, and on the topic of your blog posts, they where great to read. I liked how you put images and gifs in between your writing to slow down and make the reading aspect of blogs much more user friendly.


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