The Earth Is Flat

Hello, my name is Paul, I like nothing and I’m from nowhere… is what I want to say and end this blog right there. but, unfortunately, that wouldn’t be so helpful. Now I would normally start by discussing my offbeat transition into a double degree and the direction my blog will go but instead let’s talk about why the Earth is flat!

Now, I’m no rocket scientist but I DO operate and form my options off logical thinking. I look out at the horizon… it’s flat, that indicates one thing, THE EARTH MUST BE FLAT. I’ve never been to space and I bet you haven’t been either. Tell me, How many things do we REALLY believe in without seeing or feeling it? Why is the Earth any different? #StayWoke #QuestionEverything

I also study Media and Communications at UOW but that’s not really important. Stay tuned for weekly blog posts and reasons why the Earth is flat.

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I’m Paul and this is my sleepless blog.

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