Why Does NASA Lie?| Flat Earth Music?

It 2019 and surely by now it’s common knowledge that the moon landing was STAGED. So with nobody who’s actually been to space, what proof do we really have?

NASA says so?

Regardless of your opinions on the Earth’s shape, there’s one thing we can all enjoy… Some great music. Yesterday I was only just introduced to the world of FLAT EARTH MUSIC! Yes, you heard me right. Between all the talented/woke musicians a couple stuck out to me and you NEED to check them out.

Conspiracy Music Guru. |Genre: Country|

B.o.B.|Genre: Hip Hop|E.A.R.T.H Mixtape


Almost convincing right? interpret them as you may, but unfortunately music can’t be how we base the shape of the planet or plane.

That’s The Flat Earth Blog. Keep the debate alive and question EVERYTHING! 

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I’m Paul and this is my sleepless blog.



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