Media Gatekeeper vs Collective Intelligence

Folks, this week is all about collective intelligence. Just ignore myself managing to spell census wrong.

when receiving data our online networks and social media platforms work in three different ways.

  1. via gatekeepers
  2. Network participation
  3. Collective intelligence

The most common example of gatekeepers controlling content is televisions. Although nobody watches TV anymore… well, except normies. TV is often too controlling, with dedicated times for particular shows, it encourages the audience to behave passively.

Examples of network participation can be Snapchat, Instagram, Facebook and Twitter; where the user is able to receive their preferred content at any time but can’t escape the ads that pay the network.

But… Collective intelligence is really interesting! The amatures end up playing the roles of leaders because, there are simply more of them. Content is always open and unfinished – meaning curation, aggregation and production can be done at any time.

The first problem we come across is how do we establish credibility?

on social media credibility is established by the weight of the user’s identity (the amount of followers). Whereas, on a site like 4chan where everything is anonymous credibility is measured by quality of content.

Now, if you’ve read the entire post you get to watch this hilarious video on what collective intelligence can do!

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