The future of organisation

Centralised vs Decentralised.

“Tribe level” organisation:

When a group is tightly organised, everyone can maintain a sense of shared purpose and coherence in how they operate. Because everyone is involved in almost all of the activities the organization takes part in (especially in the field) everyone does at least as much work as he or she wants to do. Because it is much easier to work together when one organises, no one is left out. Because everyone is committed to improving the lives of others around them, people may well choose to give their all to the cause over work – or to stay home and rest.

In today’s rapidly evolving world, there is a growing demand for a highly reliable structure that will provide effective decision-making on a wide variety of inputs from both internal and external sources such as management, This sort of hierarchical structure has enabled organizations to function almost effortlessly, but it also has resulted in an increased risk of failure and an increased risk of corruption.

Overall, I believe decentralised is the best way to go it provides us with.

  • More diversity in the workplace because of a desire to be competitive.
  • More cultural diversity which has become increasingly important in the workplace because more of our workplace members speak their minds.

Team work is for the decentralised way!


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