Hillary Clinton: Lost Votes

Collectives are those that create an intelligence model of the world, which is able to assess and evaluate possibilities, or ‘predict’ them. Collective intelligence allows us to identify things that are of greatest interest to us. For instance, social networks also enable people to exchange ideas and opinions which leads to more constructive debate, which leads to better solutions. Social networks help companies connect with customers to build trust and provide value. They also help companies provide customer care and provide a high level of support.

However, there are dark sides to Collective intelligence – Meme Warfare. Meme Warfare effectively used when said person provides, a platform to attack their opponents at public expense, and allow the public to rally against the perceived threats of adversaries they don’t understand.


Political opposition could create effective, well-articulated message with the desire to do so at all costs, given that even the most effective messaging would be drowned in noise by that noise. This is also why it’s not surprising that the insurgents tried to block the IC’s attempts to amplify their message, even attacking the IC’s own media operations during the presidential campaign. I have listed some examples below of the fabricated #DraftOurDaughters adverstiments.

clinton draftourdaughters

4chan draftourdaughters

You can find many more example online of #DraftOurDaughters online.

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