The Matrix and Technology

One of the most prominent criticisms of modern psychology and one which has largely been dismissed by researchers whose expertise is in the scientific method, is its emphasis on the role of conscious experience. It is argued that what we call perception or “conscious” experience is, in practice, a set of representations that are designed, but not controlled, by the brain that serve to guide our cognitive decisions.

Simulations is not about the true, but about the simulation model. Even the simplest, most popular version of the fable is meaningless without the allegory of an Empire.

Some think we should ban simulation technology altogether. This approach doesn’t work, however, but rather needs to be expanded. The government doesn’t have to ban simulation, it simply needs to do more to distinguish the good from the bad, the useful from the harmful, the useful from the dangerous, and punish all who violate the rules and make a mess. The Army will use these lessons to develop new, improved and even smarter simulation tools.


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