Copyright Laws are too stricked?

To simulate is to pretend to be something entirely different.
Possibly in order to keep it real to ourselves, we must maintain a false relation with the image that we have, and to pretend to be something completely different.

An image is not only merely what a person thinks it is, but also what the image of the image suggests, and also that of itself. The relation of the image and the image must be an imitation in the name of an idea, not an imitation of the idea itself.

Copyright is just one of many ways Internet gate keepers control content. The Copyright policy should provide tools and support for law enforcement agencies to identify and address potential anti-competitive practices in content marketing as well as to facilitate criminal investigations of content marketers, and to monitor and prevent unauthorized access to, and use of, copyright protected material and data as provided by that information.

The policy should ensure that law enforcement and justice systems have access to, and should have the power to acquire, and a broad and flexible means of retaining as much as is necessary for their ongoing investigation, prosecution, and supervision, including access to information and content obtained in a legitimate context.


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