Walls Of Pomoeii

As a result of a set of technological changes in the 1990s, both in the context of the data technology market and the rise of the information age. Many of the trends outlined here have been evident since the mid–1990s, and they reflect new possibilities not realized through other mechanisms. Moreover, these trends have been accompanied by new questions, including whether they will eventually produce better outcomes. In this chapter, we examine the data, the media, and media technology policies that helped spur these trends.

The technological transformation of communications and data technology has led to new channels with many players. The emergence of digital governance, which seeks to implement the recommendations of the Data Governance Forum, provides an effective framework for addressing issues of governance, data quality, and accountability within this new context.

With the arrival of the first artificial intelligence research project in the US, it seems like the future is getting a lot brighter. Big Data is a tool for discovery – it’s what gets us all excited when it comes to looking deep into complex systems.

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