Plomo Productions – Prototyping and Beta


Below is our PLOMO playlist. We’ve decided to genre-bend this playlist in particular to take advantage of the fact we have diverse genres and artists. The decision to genre-bend was also fuelled by our hope of either creating something new and/or pleasing our audience which according the survey enjoy multiple genres. However eventually we will want to make our content more niche.

On our Plomo Productions Instagram we uploaded a photo interview. we decided on this because it’s much easier to make than a video. We’re already challenged creating enough content music wise, and with the extra hard work we would be following our principle of #FIST. Fast, Inexpensive, Simple and Tiny.


In the PLOMO Productions – Music Survey it was revealed that our audience discovers new music from social media and the radio. Due to our rather small status the radio is not an option at this point. These small interviews will be our new method of promoting music and artists until we revisit this topic. 


Our decision to make Plomo Productions was motivated by my partners and I wanting to address the lack of music knowledge that many people have around Wollongong. After our survey it was revealed that only 50% of our audience lived in Wollongong. Also, not a single person discovered music from Soundcloud.
We will be looking to find music distributers to assist us in uploading songs to Apple Music and Spotify.
Our survey also revealed that 12.5% thought music videos were necessary whilst 25% admitted to not liking them at all. This removes a lot of pressure to make Music videos. We might not even make them and save production costs, see as the large majority don’t really care for them.
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