Trending No. 1 | Part 2

Hello BCM325, I will be reflecting on my live-tweeting from week 7 to week 12,

My live-tweeting improved and my engagement with the lecture material was a lot more evident. This round of live-tweeting I received more likes and retweets opposed to my first round of live-tweeting. The notes I took were also extremely helpful. I wanted to include more humour and pop culture references. One example of this was in the Matrix live-tweeting session where I compared the character Morpheus to a popular comedian.

Capture 1

During this same live-tweeting session my most-liked tweet came about. Conducting research before the live tweeting session on the Matrix I discovered an anime series that provide further context to The Matrix, thanks to this I was able to create gain a retweet and start a comment thread.

Capture 11

I also contributed in class discussions on concepts The Matrix explored, in particular talking on biblical references with Mitch and symbolism with Aliah. Liking Aliah’s tweet and retweeting Mitch’s thread, naturally I commented on these tweets because I found them interesting and something, I could contribute towards to create a discussion.

Capture 4Capture 3

furthermore, on the class discussion, Emma and I create a brief dialog on the ideas during the Ghost in The Shell screening. Although it was kind of off topic, I found it interesting to speculate.
Capture 2

During the first round of Live-tweeting I noted that I wanted to involve more lecture content in my live tweeting and my best example of this is my tweet on Cyborg technologies, analysing Robot and Frank.
Capture 10

I found Aysha’s tweet on the costumes during Robot and Frank worthy of a retweet as it was similar to my tweet on the art style of Ghost in the shell. Both these tweets show extra research on the aesthetics of the films.

Capture 13Capture 12

In the first round of live tweets I also wanted to ask more questions on my tweets and I was able to do this during the Ghost in The Shell screening where I got attention from UOW students outside of the BCM325 class.


During the Ready Player One screening I also gained attention from twitter users outside of BCM325 by using gifs and non-BCM related hashtags addressing the film’s synth-wave aesthetic.

Capture 6Capture 8 Capture 7

One of the funnier exchanges I had was with Ethan during the same screen where I brought up a previous screening and we noticed a recurring theme in previous films and series.

Capture 5

Another tweet I really liked was Issac’s, where he addressed deepfakes. Although this is not related to my live-tweeting, I found it really interesting as it addressed one of my digital artefact instalments.

Capture 9

Until live-tweeting I have never appreciated science fiction films, they have contributed to futurism and technology in a significant way which I cannot ignore. This assignment has helped me gain a deeper understanding on the platform, using hashtags and focusing on analytic trends.

I am Oryem and this is my sleepless blog.

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