All Musicians are Cyborgs – The Next Melody

You might be confused about title, but to provide more context I have linked above a tweet I recently put out to define a cyborg.

This academic journal explores what a cyborg is. The human body is in the process of experiencing a rapid transformation from a completely biological entity created based on instructions provided by human DNA to a body becoming far more. However, Technology has

There is no doubt that Autotune plugins have allowed artist to create new sounds and genres, it has transformed mediocre artists into superstars in the music industry. For example, an Artists like Lil Uzi Vert has gone from a 2013 underground rapper to a 2016 icon with over billions of streams. Music technology has enhanced our ability as humans to stay in tune at all times and alter our voice to create a futuristic aesthetic. suddenly flaws in our voices are unique and sound like nothing we have ever heard before.

Cyborg enhancements are not limited to internal technological enhancements, they can be external. As the Billboard Charts fill up with more and more with autotune rappers there’s no doubt the MVP is technology.

The key to auto tune is it’s Cybernetic System. But what is Cybernetic System?

Organisational Cybernetics - What is it? Definition, Examples and More

More the stsytems process.

I have put a diagram above that explains this phenomenon. when an artist sings into the microphone, 9 times out of 10 there is an error. either the artist is not loud enough or goes slightly out of tune. The technology has prior knowledge of the song’s key and volume, the software is then able to apply corrections. This results in a flawless vocal performance. Cyborgs are not limited to autotune they are also music production software, even if your artist does not apply auto tune effects, they definitely use a mixer and a mastering software.
In future cultures we look back on historical trends and provide predictions for the future. In the past we had the privilege to see music advance into a flawless craft thanks to technology and as we see the rise of DeepFake artists and melody generator plugins technology is doing all the work. Anyone with a vague knowledge of music and access to computer can be an artist and make the next ground-breaking hit song. Thank for listening and I hope you follow The Next Melody.

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