Using AI to Make Songs – The Next Melody

A catchy melody is something many musicians work tirelessly to create, however, what if I told you artificial intelligence could do this with the touch of a button?

Hello and welcome to The Next Melody, to conclude my digital artefact, this is the final innstallment. We will be discussing the topic of AI predictions. Artificial intelligence is something my classmates and I explore in BCM325 future cultures. We explore historical trends and provide predictions for the future. The Next melody however focuses on the music industry. I made a blog post earlier about this topic, however, this week, I am going further in-depth. The Verge released a controversial article on NuseNet; an AI music generator.

I looked further into NuseNet and found out that the software started from many developers collecting samples of different artists from a wide variety of genres. later they trained their AI transformer on sequential data, this means, the AI was given a set of notes and left to predict the upcoming notes. Eventually the system learnt and could go on the create entire songs. Below is one such example, the system was given just 6 notes to imitate a Mozart Song.

The results incredible, however frightening. We now see countless Open AI systems especially in audio production where software can create countless unique melodies for your next hit song. A plugin we will be taking a look at is Melody Sauce.

Melody Sauce at this point in time has not yet achieved the level of sophistication that allows the AI system to work independently. However, it can create a melodic pattern of notes. Why can this AI not work independently you may ask?

Anyone who has created melodies understand that a melody is more than a simple pattern of notes following a key. For a melody to be unique and catchy it must have a dynamic range and an effective syncopation. Melodies generated by AI tend to sound automated and robotic the majority of the time, however, I wouldn’t be surprised if this was implemented successfully within the next 5-10 years.

Thank you for following My digital artifact! I hope to bring The Next melody back in a couple months for BCM206.

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