“Where I’m From” | Assignment 1

Using a Cannon 750D I created my remoscope capturing the typical “Blue Mountains rainy day”. Inspired by ‘synchronized driving’ finding a balence between the moving and still. I took advantage of my doble sided fireplace by creating back lighting to give the wood more shape and highlight the smoke. I used warm coloured lighting in all the shot taken inside to reinforece the theme of ‘warmth’, juxtaposing the cold rainy weather. Similar to George Lyon’s Peom hinting towards her cultural background, through ‘mise en scene’ I incorporated elements to my African background through the display of African instruments and a Swahili dictionary. Following the remoscope principles I exported the file using iMovie.

‘Symmetry’ – Directed by Everynone.

‘Where I’m From’ – George Ella Lyon.

Where I’m From Poem

I am from tall bookshelves and a roaring fireplace.

From the sound of tumbling dryers and overflowing bird baths.

I am from african instruments and old Swahili books.

from windy trees in misty mountains.

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