Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Visual Essay Pitch

Visual Essay Pitch:

As you can tell from my pitch I have decide to do an in-depth summary, exploring the relationship between Australia’s refugee policies and the Australian media’s representation of refugees. Rather than rearching a solution I beleive being able to provide more information is a good short-term solution in itself.

References List:


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Asylum-seekers at a Manus Island detention centre 2014, image, REUTERS, viewed 7 April 2021, <;.

Prime Minister Kevin Rudd (right) and Papua New Guinea prime minister Peter O’Neill sign a Regional Resettlement Agreement on asylum seekers 2013, image, photographed by D. Peled, AAP, viewed 7 May 2021, <;.

Syrian schoolchildren run past heavily-damaged buildings in the rebel-held area of Jobar, on the eastern outskirts of the Syrian capital of Damascus 2016, image, photographed by A. Almohibany, AFP, viewed 7 April 2021, <;.

With the ongoing challenges of COVID-19, Australia’s contribution to the protection of refugees and other displaced people is more important than ever before 2020, image, Shutterstock, viewed 7 April 2021, <;.

One thought on “Refugees and Asylum Seekers: Visual Essay Pitch

  1. Paul, first of all, I just want to say great work. I found your pitch to be of very strong quality, particularly in the content presented verbally and visually. Your content was relational to our course content, whilst gaining further insight and knowledge into your specific topic; being the relationship between Australia’s refugee policies and the Australian media’s representation of refugees. I found the utilisation of definitions to be very useful within your pitch as it provided me with a confirmation of terms in order to have a confident understanding.

    The two academic resources which you have utilised within your pitch were not only strong and relevant towards your topic but enabled you to add factual statistics, which I believe added immense strength to the presentation.
    The selection of images used throughout were all very powerful, being raw images. I perceived these images to be of a very artistic nature as they captured strong emotion and messages.

    I’m looking forward to viewing your Visual Essay!


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