What does it mean to be a Refugee?

The video clip was interesting and informative, particularly it is choice of animation. The animation is style dark and harsh, blending itself with elements of real-life terrain. The dark style of art complements the narration, capturing the brutal reality of what refugee’s face. The silhouette styled animation avoid framing the refugees as a particular type of ethnicity removing any reason for the audience to stereotype refugees and asylum seekers.

The information from the video clip hints towards its target audience being, people who do not know any refugees or have not been exposed to the harsh reality of the refugee experience. I myself am a refugee and as is my family. Having spent time as an asylum seeker in a refugee camp in Kenya, I was fortunate enough to be approved to come to Australia.

Although the short video is an excellent example of expressing the brutal reality of what refugee’s face, I would have hoped to see the video explore terrifying stories of violence within refugee camps and detention centres where asylum seekers are sent for unclear amounts of time as their lives are put in limbo. This information could have driven a more powerful resolution at the end of the video clip, when talking about the struggles after finally moving to the new country where they face xenophobia and racism. 

Politicians and the media do our country a huge disservice when reporting on asylum seekers and refugees. “illegal immigrant”, a term which is a blatant lie used by the media to put refugees in a negative light. In comparison to the video clip the media fails to explain the hardships asylum seekers face before becoming as “boat people”.

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