Where I’m From | Video Poem

Moving Image Project

Project Statment

Combining cinematography with music, foley and narration this is Where I’m From. Incorporating my morning routines, culture, language and family.

I was unable to find the right tone of music, so I decided to create it myself. I wanted to create a piece of music both energetic and calm whilst sustaining the rhythmic structure. This particularly helps distinguish the split screen section and towards the end building on the poetic experience of the work (Konyves 2011, p. 5). Using keyboard sounds, I found that incorporating a swell on the organ effectively balanced the mood in contrast to the initial chords. It felt as though one was breathing.

The visuals go black as the music begins. The split-screens feature creates a sense of simultaneity between the two halves. This is because “the split-screen effect enables the viewer to follow two scenes on the screen simultaneously” (Konyves 2011, p. 7). The continuity was achieved through the changing of shots complementing the music. The inspiration to use a split-screen stemmed from Sisters (1973) and Mean Girls (2004), Both films able to create two or more stories out of a single shot.


Inspirations and References

Mean Girls (2004) – Phone Call Scene.

Sisters (1973) – Split Screen Scene.

Konyves, T 2011, ‘Video Poetry: A Manifesto’, Stephen Morrissey, Liberated Words.com.

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