Simulate the World | The Pitch

My digital artefact is Simulate the World. I creating the logo and built an account on both YouTube and Tik Tok. I plan to post the exact same content on both platforms until audience feedback suggests otherwise. I plan to create 3 different worlds unique to save. This will be the foundation for my: Simulation videos; Tutorial videos; and Career Playthrough videos.

I have chosen to begin curating my content on TikTok and YouTube (#Shorts). I want my content to be a distraction and relief from unpleasant realities. A study by Markus Rach and Marc Peter explores the relationships between social media and escapism. The study concludes by acknowledging user-created content impacted the motivation of escapism, further explaining that network-based curation on platforms, for instance Facebook did not do the same.

Although many claim YouTube Shorts ‘copyied’ TikTok, Shorts are still gathering billions of daily views, as announced by YouTube. With both platforms being very similar, transferring any content I already have from TikTok would be simple.

How I plan to begin my DA is with the F.I.S.T principle.

I chose the name simulate the world, as this is what the game attempts to do. However, I do have an ulterior motive for this digital artefact. I have recently become fascinated by UX (user experience) Design, particularly for simulation games. I will be observing and documenting my Sims 4 experience outside of my DA and building a portfolio.

This DA will give me an opportunity to engage with communities and critique design decisions. The trajectory of this DA is possibly streaming, or alternatively, exploring the entire genre of Simulation Games further (Euro Truck, Cities Skylines, Football Manager etc..).

The communities I will be engaging with:

Why not read more? Comment below your thoughts and check out Simulate the World!

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