The Sims 4: Players become Game Designers

Simulate the World is my digital artefact. Mods allow players to alter the game, with modification as a concept, I plan to explore his phenomenon, the lines being game developers and players beginning to blur. Rethinking agency and immersion: video games as a means of consciousness-raising explores this idea with comparisons, identifying that it drives the overall participation of the game.

Customisation and modification could be assess from a similar stand point, when referring to the sims. However, my research will clearly divide the two. Customisation will involve aspects of the game that can be changed without disturbing the overall game mechanics implemented by the game designers and developers. Whereas modification, described as an art form in Gaming in art will be user created content, which needs to placed in the mods folder to influence the game.

The communities I will be engaging with:

I have mapped out my weekly schedule on the table below. I will be exploring 4 different areas of the sims 4 community to build a better understanding of the fanbase. My short form videos will be made everyday. I will be playing, testing and showing off modifications and custom content created by other players. As there are 10 weeks until the beta, I plan to follow my table below.

 Playing the Sims 4ResearchOrganising InformationEngaging with online communitiesCreating content (Everyday)
1st Week3 Hr  TikTok and YouTube 
2nd Week3 Hr  Reddit Communities  
3rd Week2 Hr Documenting Social EngagementTwitch Streams abouts mods 
4th Week2 HrResearching the world of Sims: Aesthetics, Players, Storyworld  
5th week 1 Hr  YouTube Mod reviews 
6th week Primary Research on key Concepts   
7th week1 Hr  Reddit Communities 
8th week Secondary Sources on the Sims 4 Reddit Communities 
9th week Primary Research on key ConceptsOrganising primary and secondary research  
10th week  Preparing the for BCM215 Beta  

Why not read more? Comment below your thoughts and check out Simulate the World!


Stalker, P 2006, ‘Gaming in art: A case study of two examples of the artistic appropriation of computer games and the mapping of historical trajectories of “Art Games” versus mainstream computer games’.

Frasca, G 2010, ‘Rethinking agency and immersion: video games as a means of consciousness-raising’.

5 thoughts on “The Sims 4: Players become Game Designers

  1. Hi Paul!

    I absolutely love this DA idea, especially as I am a big fan of The Sims myself. At times, the blog post could be edited and corrected. Several punctual and grammatical mistakes were made which can confuse readers. Also, a little more attention to the lecture content would really strengthen your DA. For example, stating that you are going to approach and analyse your research through a structuralist, post-structuralist, contextual etc. scope.

    Your video presentation was great. It clearly identified the analytical framework of your investigation, your physical project outline, and how you will garner feedback (including the platforms used for this). Visually, the video pitch didn’t overwhelm audiences with text-heavy chunks of information which really aided you in the communication of what you are planning to do with this project.

    I’m really looking forward to seeing where you go with this idea, and I think this is a solid project pitch!

    Liked by 1 person

  2. Hi Oryem! First off, as a fellow simmer, I love this idea.

    You have a clear grasp on your analytical framework. However, you haven’t shared which sources you will be looking at. I suggest;; while it focuses more on mods’ effects on hardware, it also discusses the practice of modding and modders.

    Mods also fall under paratext, which could be an interesting thing to discuss; the way mods (paratext) influence the game (text). A source I have used for my own DA in this regard is the week 1 reading ‘Textual Analysis, Digital Games, Zombies’ by Diane Carr which discusses textual analysis, that I have found also applies to paratextual analysis. I’ve also found this article;; which discusses the importance of studying paratext.

    An idea I have for further engagement with the public is maybe creating a survey/poll and asking which types of Mods your audience is interested in (CC for build & buy and CAS, or gameplay mods). Each player is different and so it might be worth seeing whether your audience leans towards one area over the others.

    I look forward to seeing how you develop this project! Good luck 🙂

    Liked by 1 person

    1. Hi Candace, I wanted to say thanks for the feedback! especially the point you raised about paratext. I will definitely be looking further into in relations to mods, expansion pack and more!


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