UX designing for the Sims 4

As stated in my pitch, I will doing auto-ethnographic research considering three key concepts: Simulation, Customisation and Hardware. From this, I plan to build an online design folio. Which demonstrate my understanding of Game UX design and UX design research practice.

The Sims 4 is in the genre Simulation games. The concept Simulation will be very closely linked to the concept Customisation, considering each game save as its own in game reality, where player’s creations build their simulation. With the introduction of mods being easily accessible to players, now players ideologies are relevant in the simulation as well. Through UX design practices I plan exploit this phenomenon, the lines between game developers and players beginning to blur.

The communities I will be engaging with:

I have mapped out my weekly schedule on the table below. Once I have a better understanding of both UX design and the Sims 4, I will begin exploring scholarly sources on my key concepts. This 10 week timeline ends at the BCM241 beta, where I will have research and a clear direction on how I want my designs to function.

 Play the Sims 4ResearchOrganising InformationEngaging with online communitiesUX design Courses and Practice
1st Week3 Hr  Observing Sim 4 communities  LinkedIn: How To Become A UX Designer (2 Hours)
2nd Week2 Hr   Working UX designs for the Sims 4
3rd Week1 Hr  Proposing UX ideas RedditLinkedIn: How To Become A UX Designer (2 Hours)
4th Week1HrResearching the world of Sims: Aesthetics, Players, Storyworld  Working UX designs for the Sims 4
5th week 1Hr Organise document information from playing the Sims 4Proposing UX ideas on RedditLinkedIn: How To Become A UX Designer (2 Hours)
6th week Primary Research on key Concepts  Working UX designs for the Sims 4
7th week1Hr  Proposing UX idea on RedditLinkedIn: How To Become A UX Designer (2 Hours)
8th week Secondary Sources on the Sims 4 Connecting with Game UX Designers On LinkedInWorking UX designs for the Sims 4
9th week Primary Research on key ConceptsPreparing interview questions for Game UX designers LinkedIn: How To Become A UX Designer (2 Hours)
10th week  Preparing the for BCM241 Beta  

Video game UX design relies not only software, but – possibly more importantly – on hardware as this influences the way players experience the game. Measuring the Impact of Game Controllers on Player Experience in FPS Games, explores the effects of players being forced to switch to an unfamiliar platform. With this in mind, I plan to look into the hardware of the Sims 4, building a better understanding of the experiences players go through to draft more effective UX designs in my portfolio. As my analytical frame leads with simulation I plan to use the Sim4 Desktop version of the game. As explored in the History of Computer games, PC can offer greater capability when processing simulations.

Why not read more? Comment below your thoughts and check out Simulate the World!


Fritts, J 2013, ‘History of Computer games’

Gerling, K. M Klauser, M & Niesenhaus, J 2011, ‘Measuring the Impact of Game Controllers on Player Experience in FPS Games’.

7 thoughts on “UX designing for the Sims 4

  1. Good work Oryem. Respect to you for actually planning on taking a whole course (or a few courses) for your DA, that is great commitment. You have a clear research plan and you had some great supporting visuals in your video, such as the screen recording of the actual game. I really liked the fact that you will be engaging with real-life communities and other users who are interested in the same niche. However, you didn’t talk about how and where you are going to develop your public persona. Instagram? Facebook? TikTok? Where are you planning to showcase your research and create your content? I hope you figure it out soon as it is an interesting topic.

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  2. Oryem, first off, I love the presentation of your pitch, including all the videos and details you added, really helped give the audience an insight into how you’re going to develop your DA which is great! This topic sounds like something you are really passionate about and choosing to go through some course as you stated sounds like a big job but shows your dedication and commitment which is awesome. Although I didn’t see you mention how your going to develop your public persona or your ethical considerations when researching in your chosen online communities. I’d love to know how you’re going to showcase your research and within what platform – Instagram, TikTok etc. Your schedule looks well organised and specific in terms of getting the most out of your DA in the time you have. Unfortunately, I didn’t see any reference to lectures or recommended readings – even just some in regards to autoethnography and how you’ll apply it within your DA research would have been perfect. But overall I really loved your DA and all the best with the development of it! 🙂

    A helpful reference to autoethnography

    Click to access Anderson-Analytic-Autoethnography.pdf


  3. Hey there Oryem 🙂

    I really enjoy your pitch idea in terms of focusing on the UX Design and experience for the player, I can tell from your video that you are very passionate about the topic and that is so great to see. It made me excited to see what you come up with as I’m a big fan of the Sims franchise and I can’t wait to hear your opinion about how it can be improved. I had never actually thought about UX Design in terms of video games and how it is so different to UX Design elsewhere and found your explanation to be well spoken and engaging.

    I actually found this Case Study in which explores the user experience through game interfaces in Sims 3, I realise you’re looking into Sims 4 but I felt you might be able to find some relatable information for your research since they are similar 🙂

    I find your video and blog post to be very organised and provides a brilliant overview of how you will conduct your research; I can see you’ve taken on the content of the subject through your commentary of the analytical framework and you have been able to provide additional resources in which will assist you in your study. However, I do have to agree with the some of the other comments that I’m slightly confused as to how you will be promoting an online persona. I recognise that you will be interacting with the community as well as you noting you’ll be airing your ideas to Reddit but I don’t quite see how an audience could follow your DA journey. Will you be posting all of your content to Reddit or will there be another platform where you will be sharing your development through the courses you’re taking? Just something to consider as I would love to be able to follow your research as it sounds so fascinating 🙂

    Good Luck with the rest of your DA, I can’t wait to see how it all goes!!

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