Mainstream UX vs Game UX.

Last week I identified my niche as UX design. I have now narrowed this down to Game UX design. I have built an ontology map considering the human and non-human actors.From the title above, you can tell I have begun to narrow down my niche, originally mainstream UX design, I settled on Game UX design.

Outside of game development, user experience design attempts to embody “user-centricity” across all design domains. This means designs focus on how users will perceive everything they do. Taking this into account, on my ontology map I started with the three most important actors: experience design, Game distrusters, and social interactivity. The significance of these three is that gamers are involved with all three when experiencing any game. Therefore, Game UX design must consider these first when applying a ‘user-centric approach.

It is important to note that these three are not separate enteritis, as my map explores that they are indirectly linked. Through non-human actors, such as game communities and game promotion, game distributors are linked to the social interactivity the users will experience. These online communities take place on various platforms and are often fuelled by content creators. The importance of these socially related actors is that they can provide audience research to assist in the designing of the user experience.

On the topic of my ethnographic research, I plan to look at the concept of Hardware. Interestingly, this links to the game distributors. All video games are bought from a distributor and all videogames need some form of hardware to experience play. Both need to be considered for any Game UX design work.

Like many things, Game UX design has its own constraints. Software, hardware, and the ability of game developers. On my map, I put special emphasis on game developers and game designers as they create the initial experience (the game). Therefore any successful UX game designer will have a good understanding of the game designers and developers to create the best user experience

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