Key Epiphanies | Autoethnography

Switching from UX design to the Sims 4

I had another Digital artefact where I was exploring the Sims 4 as a media game text, and I decided I could do an effective auto ethnography of this.

I had 3 key epiphanies

  • I noticed how much players rely on modders for new content, players in this community have all agreed never to discuss expansion packs, game packs and stuff packs. In fact, a general overview of these communities, I noticed players dislike the prices these expansions are sold at and prefer mods, as they are free and often enable more activities.
  • Another epiphany I had was over the importance the amount of custom content. The dependence on custom content for players was evident as there were all over different platforms. Often players would show off the sims they created, and they all contain custom content. I watch a tutorial on how to create custom content and mods, although I didn’t fully understand it, it seemed fairly easy if someone had something to do.
  • My final epiphany was the creation of memes. As a casual sims 4 player I found the memes humours. Often the memes were the most popular posts on the subreddits. By extent whenever someone posted images of their sims glitching out, it would spark the same sort of attention and response as the memes.

The 3 most important observation I made were my epiphanies as these directly influence the content I have made and will also influences the content I continue to make at this point.

After noticing the shear popularity of custom content and mods on the sims 4 – where one could argue they are a necessity – I plan to research what this means for the original Sims 4 game as the audience seems to be separating itself from the game.

For the most part my analytical framework has not changed. I still plan to use Simulation and Modification to form my research. However, the idea of Hardware might change and be replaced My something I find more fitting to my autoethnography.

My online persona for my autoethnographic digital artefact is a content creator on Tik Tok, creating content that is centred about custom content and game modifications. I made the decision not to show my face in my content as to not take away from the content itself.  

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